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With these Laminated High Ticket Business Blueprints™

You can finally break free from the constant pursuit of customers and replace the never-ending treadmill of ‘ok’ launches with my proven systems that automatically attract clients to you like moths to a flame, and effortlessly convert them into clients for life

At last Dan Lok, the King of High Ticket, releases his High Ticket Business Blueprints™ and

they are yours FREE today.

At last Dan Lok, the King of High Ticket, releases his High Ticket Business Blueprints™ and

They are yours FREE today.

With these High Ticket Business Blueprints™ you can…

  • Quickly and easily attract a constant stream of A-grade clients to you - so you can put an end to the feast or famine client cycle, even if you hate marketing. And do it without wasting thousands of dollars a month on marketing agencies or ads that don’t work
  • Convert ice-cold leads into first time buyers, fast - without wasting hours of your time with people who don’t buy or putting up with failed launches that drain your energy and bank account
  • Say good-bye to trading time for dollars - with systems that effortlessly ascend clients to your high margin, high ticket products and services - so you can, spend less time delivering services and more time building a business that funds your lifestyle
  • Get OFF ‘launch’ mode and spend more time doing what you love - Discover the proven process for building monthly recurring revenue for long term prosperity - so you can finally break free of the trivial activities that keep you stuck in the daily grind of running your business

Here’s What You Get When You Claim Your FREE
“High Ticket Business Blueprints” Today…

High Ticket Offers Blueprint™

Most offers bomb, leaving you strapped for cash and slowing down your momentum.
But get your offers right… and you can scale your business at speeds that will blow your competitors minds…

That’s because the more successful offers you make, the faster you can multiply your revenue by 2x, 5x or more.

And that’s why my team and clients use the High Ticket Offer Blueprint™ everytime we want to take a new offer to the market.

The Blueprint outlines my time-tested formula for creating High Ticket offers that sell like crazy.

Every offer you make needs to be structured in just the right way. Because when you structure them right, they sell with almost zero resistance.

That’s what you get with this Blueprint.

You’ll also see how to create these offers fast, so you can get them to market quickly. And how to test them on the cheap, so you don't throw a bunch of money (or time) into your new offers until you know for sure they will sell.

High Ticket Lead Generation Blueprint™

In my 15+ years selling High Ticket offers I’ve come to realize one thing:

NOTHING will have a greater impact on your life and business than your ability to generate an always-full pipeline of high ticket clients who can afford – and who want – what you sell.

But most coaches, consultants, authors and experts don’t know how to do this consistently.

So they stay stuck… haunted by the feast or famine client cycle… stumbling around using outdated marketing methods that no longer work in today’s over-advertised marketplace…

…frustrated because of their dependency on marketing agencies who are more interested in collecting fat monthly retainers than actually getting you the kind of clients you need to grow your business.

That stops now.

With my High Ticket Lead Generation Blueprint™ as your guide you can put an end to advertising guesswork. Stop throwing good money away on failed marketing campaigns. Use what works. And quickly and easily use free and paid media to create a stable flow of leads that funnel premium clients directly into your business at a positive ROI.

Stop wasting money on lead generation that doesn’t work with my High Ticket Lead Generation Blueprint™. Grab yours now.

High Ticket Conversion Blueprint™

If you are sick and tired of spending hours with prospects, giving away free advice, and NOT closing, this is for you.

Convert or die. That should be your mantra. Why? Because if you can’t convert (or close) clients, you don’t have a business.

Problem is, closing or enrolling clients doesn’t come naturally to most experts, coaches, consultants, and especially authors and speakers - it’s just not in your nature to aggressively push for the sale. It’s even harder to train your team when you don't feel confident closing yourself.

Fortunately for you, you don’t need to be aggressive to land high ticket projects anymore. That's because I've dedicated the better part of the past 15 years to mastering High Ticket closing WITHOUT being pushy, sleazy or manipulative.

And I’ve included the lessons and process I’ve mastered in the High Ticket Conversion Blueprint.

I’ve taught these low-pressure, counterintuitive “client conversion” methods to tens of thousands of clients – even people who didn't think they could close to save their life.

They paid $4,000 to $10,000 each to get these secrets. But they’re yours free on this page only, just cover shipping.

Once you get High Ticket lead generation and conversion right, it’s time to move on to where you make the most of your revenue…

High Ticket Ascension Blueprint™

No matter what you sell, the High Ticket Ascension Blueprint will show you dozens of ways to ascend clients - turning low-priced initial transactions into high ticket sales of your premium products or services.

Doesn't matter if your initial offer is a low-cost “free plus shipping” offer like the one you’re seeing here, a $97 front end product, or a $3,000 coaching program…

When you understand the bulletproof formulas and gameplans I share in the High Ticket Ascension Blueprint you can go from struggling to easily adding new High Ticket products and services people go crazy over.

And to make it even easier to ascend your clients quickly and naturally to your high ticket offers, I’m also going to give you my…

High Ticket Client Retention Blueprint™

Advertising is expensive.

So, imagine a world where you don’t have to pay for advertising anymore because you’ve got a full client roster… and… your clients stay with you for several years at a time, often referring other like-minded clients to you.

That what happens when you know how to attract, land, and retain clients for life.

Why does this matter? Because it costs anywhere from 8-10 times more to attract a new client than it does to sell more products or services to an existing client.

But how do you keep clients coming back to create a lifetime of revenue?

That’s exactly what you’ll discover in my High Ticket Retention Blueprint™.

High Ticket Client Retention is the antidote to rising ad costs. The solution to falling profit margins. Your hedge against increasing inflation.

With these retention strategies you can build a business that is impervious to market fluctuations, indifferent to the whims of big-tech maffia, and completely bulletproof as you build a fortress around your finances and family prosperity.

Listen to me when I say: Paying more attention to client retention is one of the most profitable strategies you can implement. It’ll pay you back again and again now and into the future.

And the High Ticket Client Retention Blueprint shows you how to do it - free.

Click the button below right now to claim yours FREE.


Other Experts Are Already Using These Strategies To

Grow Their Business and Increase Their Influence

Other Experts Are Already Using These Strategies To

Grow Their Business and Increase Their Influence

Clients who use the strategies found in the High Ticket Blueprints winning the Black Dragon award to celebrate

Generating $1 million dollars in record time

Yours Today

Just Cover the Shipping!

So why am I giving these away? 

Bottom line: You probably don’t know me. So you don’t trust me yet. And that’s why I want to give you these High Ticket Blueprints which cost me millions of dollars and over a decade to figure out (just cover the shipping). 

I’m confident that when you see how much more effective you become because of these blueprints you’ll want to do business with me in the future when I make an offer that’s relevant to you.

And you do NOT have to do this by yourself

If you qualify as an expert, you will get access to our exclusive High Ticket Expert™ community. You can join a savvy group of other experts who are in the trenches, making things happen day in and day out. 

In our High Ticket Expert™, we keep each other accountable and give each other feedback on what’s working and what’s not working right now.

You don’t have ‘wing it’ on your own anymore.

Claim your FREE High Ticket Blueprints now while supplies last!

WARNING: This is a limited time offer. 

I only have 100 of these laminated Blueprints in stock. Yes, I can print more. But it’s costing me money every day I run these ads. Once my current supply of Blueprints are gone I may choose not to give Mark Zuckerberg any more money and never run this ad campaign again. Get your Blueprints now while you still can.

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